Sport and health-improving technologies as a mean of kinesiotherapy in the educational field of university

A.A Gorelov, V.L. Kondakov, O.G. Rumba


To consider the scientific approach to development of structure, maintenance and orientation athletic-health-improvement technologies as it applies to educational space of modern higher institute and everyday activity of student young people. Logic of development is certain to any of athletic-health-improvement technologies. The single chart of description of structure and maintenance is presented to each athletic-health-improvement technologies. Series are developed new athletic-health-improvement technologies of increase of stability of organism of students to the different unfavorable factors, prophylaxis of overweight, violations in a state of the cardiorespiratory system and locomotorium. Formulated suggestion on achievement of optimum indicators and indexes for to the use their educational process of modern institute of higher.


health improving technologies; systematic; functional; movement activity

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