Estimation of the state of health of students of the I course of build university attributed to task medical force.

A.Yu. Kozlova


The different approaches are considered near the estimation of the state of health of students. General description of the state of health and activity of students is resulted on its maintenance. It is marked that different rejections have 30% students in a state of health, disease of temporal or permanent character. The students of the first course of university took part in research. It is set that unsatisfactory physical preparation is observed 43% students, good - at 37,2%, excellent at 20%. On the whole there is a tendency to the decline of motive activity of students of the I course, frequent violations of the mode of sleep and feed. The system of recommendations is developed for employments by a physical culture and sport. It is marked that for maintenance and optimization of resources of organism of students of the I course the correctly organized athletic health work is needed.


physical culture; medical; health; stress

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