The consequences' magnitude of the postsurgering period as a factor which determining the direction of rehabilitation in patients after surgical treatment of the vertebral compression syndromes

Ye.B. Lazarieva


The difficult multicomponent system of internal and external co-operations of organism of man is considered. Content-analysis of hospital of patients of able to work age charts is conducted (52% men, 48% women). It is set that an osteochondrosis striking the most active group of population in age from 20 to 60 years. The separate group of youth age is selected (1,34 % patients). Influence of age is set on the feature of flow of period of rehabilitation. It is confirmed the presence of reliable cross-correlation connections between the number of the spent years and quality and duration of sleep on 5 days after an operation (r=0,35). This index was estimated in accordance with the questionnaire of Osvestri. A determining value on the specific of flow of postoperational period has the appearance of operative interference and surgical access. These indexes with duration of early postoperational period and terms of stay in permanent establishment have coefficients of correlation scope from 0,75 to 0,92.


factors; operation; physical rehabilitation; vertebral

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