Experience of using computer system HUBER Motion Lab in restoring and strengthening the musculoskeletal of students

Y. A. Popadyuha, Y. I. Zhdanovich, I. V. Litus, N. I. Petsenko


Research purpose - to estimate the features of application of the modern system of HUBER Motion Lab in making healthy, strengthening of locomotorium of students. In experiments took part 27 students in age 20-26 years (weight 50-87 kg). Influence of the system is appraised on the state of organism, feel, removal of fatigue for students-sportsmen. The prospects of the use of the system are considered for harmonic development of force and co-ordination, making healthy. The features of action of the system are resulted at the simultaneous affecting all of groups of muscles and spine. The increase of power and coordinating indexes of students is marked. A positive subjective estimation is set by the students of the psychoemotional state at the protracted influence of the system. One offered recommendations on the use of the system in renewal of the state of organism after physical loadings.


functional; locomotor apparatus; muscles; back

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