Cumulative description to technical tactical activity of leading womanish handball commands of Olympic Games 2012

V.A. Tishchenko


The different aspects of estimation are considered to technical tactical preparedness of sportswomen in a handball. It is shown technical tactical activity of leading handball womanish commands on Olympic Games 2012. Quantitative and high-quality indexes were registered technical tactical actions in an attack and defence. Analysis effectively-meaningful indexes technical tactical actions took a place taking into account implementation of amount of throws on a gate, percent of their realization, amount of penalty throws and to the percent of their realization, amounts of effective transmissions and intercepts, blocking. Differentiation of effective throws was conducted on a gate after a position attack and counter-attack. The method of study of competition activity of skilled handballers is considered. A method includes the estimation of volume, variety and efficiency of attacking and protective actions. The basic indexes of sporting technique are certain and to sporting-technical to preparedness of sportsmen. The indexes of tactical trade of sportswomen are exposed.


handball; technique; tactic; analysis

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