Effects of exercise on metabolic and hormonal indicators of people with different somatotype

T.E. Khrystovaya


This work focuses on the study of the effect of exercise on biochemical and hormonal rates in young men of different body types. The study involved 40 students of 17-23 years old, who were divided into 4 groups. Each group included 10 people with different somatotype (chest, muscular) and the level of physical fitness (don't go in for sports, sportsmen). It was specified that there are some different changes (depending on somatotype) in the blood of students who aren't involved in sports. The changes are caused by increasing the amount of total protein, soluble triglycerides, β-globulin, hormone of growth against minor changes in the content of the aqueous phase and the reduction of glucose, cholesterol, α-and γ-globulin, insulin. Slight exercise stress in sportsmen with breast somatotype insignificantly changed biochemical indicators of blood, muscular - there was almost no effect in biochemical indicators of blood; but it led to changes in hormonal status of sportsmen.


somatotype; physical; exercise; metabolism

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