Intercommunication of functional violations of carriage and physical preparedness of teenagers with violation of sight.

S.V. Vichovanec, E.I. Lapkovsky, O.V. Baskevich


A research purpose consisted in the study frequencies and degrees of violation of carriage, and also description of level of physical readiness at teenagers 14-16 years with violation of sight. The pupils of educational correction-rehabilitation center for children with violation of sight took part in research (55 teenagers in age 14-16 years). The level of physical development and physical readiness was determined. It is shown that the defeat of the visual analyzer substantially influences on forming of normal carriage and is often combined with violations of vaults of foot. These violations appropriately lowering of level of physical preparedness at this contingent of the proper correcting physical exercises.


teenagers; violation of eyesight; carriage; physical training

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