Humanizing of process of education of growing personality: morality and its influence on young people, going in for sports

W. W. Feuerman


The different aspects of humane education of growing personality are considered. 61 teenagers take part in research (youths). A questionnaire was conducted for the purpose of determination of priority of values teenagers. Questions, touching sporting activity and everyday-domestic relations, were put in a questionnaire. The sociological analysis of relation of personality is conducted to the cultural values of body and physical culture in modern terms. Motive forces of process of mastering of conformities to the law of organization of the system of public relations are exposed. It is marked that the heaved up a problem decides through comparison of biological and social levels of culture of personality. It is set that the regulative and supervisory role of social institutes is broken in modern terms; satisfaction is laboured and the hierarchy of vital necessities is broken.


social; spiritual; humane; hierarchy

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