Characteristics of anaerobic energy special performance athletes who specialize in judo.

M.A. Chistyakova


The features of influence of hormonal status of sportswomen are considered on the change of anaerobic energy-supply of the special capacity. 13 sportswomen took part in research. It is rotined that for sportswomen the special capacity changed to on by the phases of menstrual cycle. It describable: by the increase of anaerobic possibilities (postovulatory and postmenstrual phase); by the decline of biotpower possibilities (menstrual, ovulatory, premenstrual phase), large metabolic tension of organism, high cost of vegetative functions. It is set that at most sportswomen the best indexes of the special capacity are marked in postmenstrual and postovulatory phases. Attention is accented on the necessity of ground of motive activity of having a special purpose orientation of sportswomen high qualification.


judo; special; performance; menstrual

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