No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents

To the question of construction of system state standards groundin estimation of physical preparedness of students of higher educational establishments of Ukraine. PDF (Русский)
A.F. Bakanova 3-7
Motivation in the structure of psychological culture and its impact on the development of youth. PDF (Русский)
Y.S. Boichenko 8-13
Management of health in the aspect of technology of amateurish athletic education of students with hyposthenic health PDF (Русский)
V.N. Vilyanskiy, S.A. Chernigovskaya 14-16
Pedagogical mutual relations organisation of the participants of physical educational process at Higer School. PDF (Русский)
O.V. Gonchar 17-21
Comparative analysis of the dynamic characteristics of the standard movement hands qualified athletes who specialize in synchronized swimming PDF (Русский)
M.V. Gordeeva 21-23
Features of the features and functional training key factors of qualified rowers, canoeists PDF (Русский)
N.P. Ieremenko (Spychak) 24-28
Influence informatively-wave therapies by a vehicle tuning Fork on the basic links of immune defence of organism. PDF (Русский)
E.A. Kalmykova, O.V. Lebedeva, M.V. Nilova 29-33
Modern approaches to formation health-saving technologies in the sports training of young athletes. PDF (Русский)
V.A. Kashuba, L.M. Iarmolinskij, T.A. Khabinets 34-37
Humanization of students' education development in modern high school. PDF (Русский)
L.K. Kogevnikova 38-41
The methodological foundations of mutual integration of scientific knowledge in the field of physical education and sports and related sciences. PDF (Русский)
Zh.L. Kozina 41-45
Special equipment in competitive activities of powerlifters and dynamics of its manufacture PDF (Русский)
L. V. Kotendzhy 46-49
Methodological features of the physical rehabilitation in the surgical treatment of vertebral pathology for patients with kyphosis PDF (Русский)
О.В. Lazarieva 50-53
Control of the functional state of organism of sportsmen-youths in educational training process with the use of telemetric system. PDF (Русский)
V.Yu. Lebedinskiy, V.A. Bomin, O.V. Litvinova 54-56
Determination of indicators of the level of strength and speed-strength of wrestlers of Greco-Roman style qualifications. PDF (Русский)
M. V. Lozhechka 57-59
Account of factors influencing on forming of trade of sportsmen of high qualification, in preparation of reserve (on the example of team games). PDF (Русский)
I.G. Maksimenko 60-62
Dynamics of indexes of students' physical capacity of medical university PDF (Русский)
V.А. Mahlovanyy, O.B. Kunіneс, T.I. Jaworski, O.I. T'orlo 63-66
Improving exercising in children with congenital clubfoot after application of physical rehabilitation PDF (Русский)
N.E. Mykhajlova 67-69
Determination of the functional status of vestibular apparatus at children aged 5-6 years old. PDF (Русский)
E.K. Moiseenko 70-73
Some aspects of damage of medial meniscus of knee-joint for the sportsmen of playing types of sport PDF (Русский)
Kader Mohd Khalil Mohd Abdel, A.K. Nikanorov 74-77
Features of damage of front cruciform copula of knee-joint for footballers. PDF (Русский)
Reza Parish Mokhammad, A.K. Nikanorov 78-81
Research of psychical processes of bicyclists 12-13 years old under the influence of the specific loading (on material of bicycle moto-cross). PDF (Русский)
М.S. Prudnikova 82-85
System of continuous athletic education in republic Byelorussia, its maintenance and forms of organization. PDF (Русский)
O.V. Stepus 86-91
Influence of mobile games on the process of teaching of students that can not swim PDF (Русский)
G.L. Strelnykov, G.V. Lozgachov, Y.Y. Strelnykova 92-95
Influence of students' physical development on their professional teaching PDF (Русский)
V.A. Tishchenko 96-100
Subconscious defence for sportsmen PDF (Русский)
I.V. Tolkunova, O.V. Krasnitskaya, A.V. Golets 100-103
Choice of optimum sufficiency of speed-power qualities development that promote of an exact long pass in basketball PDF (Русский)
К.М. Charikova 104-107
Jakub Grzegorz Adamczyk, Dariusz Boguszewski, Marcin Siewierski 108-113
Benar Nooshin, Behrozi Ayoub 114-119