Application of means of physical rehabilitation at ischemic heart disease patients with a syndrome insulinoresistence

I.N. Ievstratova, Muhannad. Alshbool


Influence of facilities of physical rehabilitation of patients on tolerance to glucose is rotined. In experiment took part 25 patients in the age 45-55 years. The inspection of patients on the clinical stage by rehabilitations in the free motive mode during two weeks at a receipt in permanent establishment (through one and in two weeks treatments) was conducted. It is set that facilities of physical rehabilitation are instrumental in strengthening of utilization of glucose, diminishing of displays of insulinoresistence. Efficiency of influence of low-caloric diet and physical exercises is well-proven on tolerance to glucose for patients. It is marked that the physical rehabilitation of patients during two weeks is instrumental in normalization of level of glucose in blood and considerable decline of hyperglycaemia after loading glucose.


ischaemic heart disease; insulinoresistence; physical rehabilitation;

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