Exercise therapy in the complex of physical rehabilitation of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.

A.O. Nogas


The programs of physical rehabilitation, which are directed on proceeding in the broken function of the external breathing, are appraised. In research 68 patients took part with a diagnosis the first diagnosed white plague (40 - men and 28 - women, middle ages - 29 years). The complex program of physical rehabilitation included: morning hygienical gymnastics, medical gymnastics, massotherapy, physical therapy procedures, hydropathy, manipulation interferences and educational programs. A tendency is set to more hasty growth of indexes which characterize the level of violation of bronchial ability to travel the cross-country; frequencies of breathing, respiratory volume, minute volume of breathing. It is well-proven that over application of medical physical culture brings to rapid renewal of the broken function of the external breathing, improvement of the functional state of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, strengthening of respiratory musculature, increase of efficiency of medicinal therapy, general physical health and diminishing of development of complications level.


medical physical culture; pulmonary tuberculosis; physical exercise; a function of external respiration

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