To the feature of physical development, physical and technical preparedness of masters weightlifters of different groups of gravimetric categories.

V.G. Oleshko, Iu.A. Lutovinov, V.N. Lisenko, K.V. Tkachenko


Comparison of indexes of preparedness of masters weightlifters which conduct preparation to championship of the world and Europa is resulted. 150 sportsmen took part in investigational. Age of sportsmen are 35 - 80 years. The indexes of physical development and physical preparedness of sportsmen are investigational on the index of Erismana. The analysis of indexes of durability of build is carried out on the index of Pin'e. It is set that the indexes of length of body of sportsmen have a tendency to growth with the increase of gravimetric categories. It is set that difference between force makes the right and left racemes of all groups of gravimetric categories - 3,5 %.


masters weightlifters; veteran; physical development; dynamometry

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