Creative going near organization of work on physical education at modern general school

A.V. Sushchenko


The parameters of stimulation independently of creative activity of future teachers of physical education are lighted up during development of pedagogical creation. Information of the questionnaire questioning of future teachers of physical education is utillized in research. It is set that of principle principles of activation of creative activity of future teachers are based on the followings conceptions: unity of cognitive and creative activity; self-value of method of activation of creative activity; socially pedagogical conditionality of process of creative activation and motive to the self-expression; pedagogical determination of creative actions and stimulation of their creative freedom; orientation on the individual methods of actions, direction to mastering of normative bases of creative activity. It is well-proven that the applied creative tasks stimulate students to active creative work, develop creative activity, professional orientation and personal personal interest.


teacher; physical education; pedagogical practice; creation

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