Forming of a healthy lifestyle of the American teenagers in a family as a method of the obesity prevention among the population of the United States of America

O.V. Dmytriieva


The analysis and generalization of the special literature is conducted. It is set that at the beginning of the XXI century the problem of the unhealthy lifestyle (as a result - obesity and overweight) is actual in the USA. It is defined that the level of obesity sharply rose among the students of the middle and senior classes (teenagers aged 12-19 years) from 5% to 17.4%. It is marked that the state of the optimal physical and social health begins with the improvement of the physical level of health. It is proved that the necessary constituents of forming of healthy lifestyle of the family are the healthy food, daily physical exercises, rest, healthy sleep and minimum time for watching TV.


healthy lifestyles; healthy food; physical activity; teenagers

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