World outlook, moral and volitional training as tasks of educational work in modern competitive swimming

D.O. Kachurovs'kyy


The article deals with situation in the field of world outlook, moral and volitional training of Ukrainian swimmers. Practical recommendations regarding world outlook, moral and volitional training of swimmers are given to coaches, directors of sports schools, members of Federation of Swimming of Ukraine, scientists and specialists of educational institutions in the field of physical culture and sport in Ukraine. The aim was reached by means of literature analysis, uninvolved observation of educational work in competitive swimming, and experts' survey. It's determined that educational work in the sport of high performances lacks necessary theoretical and methodological basis at present time. The main task of educational work in sports should become world outlook training that provides first of all an extension sportsmen's and coaches' understanding of social and cultural sense of sport. It's proposed that idea of olympism (that is determined in Olympic Charter) must serve as fundamental concept of educational work. It's assumed that work at recommendations and steps to ensure necessary world outlook and professional competence of the both sportsmen and coaches could be the main direction in the field of modernization of educational work in competitive swimming.


swimmers; social and cultural potential of sport; humanitarian training; olympism

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