The effectiveness of different options for the content of lessons to improve the physical condition of primary school age children in physical education

V.V. Slyusarchuk


The efficacy of programs designed to improve the physical condition of primary school children during physical education compared to traditional content. In experiment, participants 139 girls and 143 boys of different somatotypes, which were third grade students. Found that using the developed program for one academic year, provides significantly better results in terms of the physical condition of girls and boys of different somatotypes than using traditional content. Proved more opportunity to improve performance of children and reach higher values in them during physical training. Noted the effectiveness of the content of physical education taking into account the peculiarities of expression, dynamics, relationships change is in the physical condition of children of different somatotypes and the theory of adaptation during the task of improving this condition.


children of primary school age; somatotype; physical condition; the pilot program

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