Attitudes toward the health of men that regularly occupy in a trainer hall.

Ja. Adamchhuk, P. Kovalsky, D. Boguzhgevsky, А. Ochal, М. Siversky


It is accepted to consider that by motivation for people that practice in a trainer hall is an improvement of health and original appearance. The aim of this research was to determine whether there is training by part of forming of positive attitude toward the health of men-sportsmen-amateurs that occupy in a trainer hall. In research took part 100 men that engage in the power training in one of three trainer halls of Warsaw. Investigational divided by two groups: 50 persons that occupy in a trainer hall more than one year, but no more than 3 years (group A) and 50 persons that practice more than 3 (group B). It is well-proven that training positively influences on the emotional state of men. It was discovered at the same time, that than greater experience of sportsman-amateur, the considerably more often he used additions (including by a stimulant). There was no medical control in both groups. Positive influence of the power training shows that they can be the important element of prophylaxis and physiotherapy.


healthy relation; force of muscles; training; men

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