Assessment of physical fitness with special players in the Polish league of goalball

B. Bolach, J. Migasiewicz, T. Prystupa, K. Konieczna


The purpose of the study is to analyze the special fitness of visually impaired athletes in the subperiod special preparation of goalball players from first league teams, from Lublin and Wroclaw. The study involved 12 visually impaired athletes from clubs "Start" Lublin and Wroclaw (champion and vice-champion of the country), participating in the competition for Polish Championships. To assess the physical fitness of the special uses tests developed by the Bolach of spatial orientation - motion, coordination of auditory tests - mobility, hearing test of dynamic location of the sound source, tests to locate the touch points on the substrate. It was found that a group of visually impaired athletes from Lublin and Bierutów obtained similar results in tests: spatial orientation - motion, coordination, auditory - mobility, hearing location of the dynamic localization of sound sources and touch points on the substrate.


disabled sports; goalball; special physical fitness;

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