An impact of an enriched visual - verbal information remittance, regarding crawl style swimming, learning and teaching effects basing on AWF students in Cracow

M. Kaca, E. Dybinska, W. Chodinow


The main aim of this study was to define an enriched impact, visual -verbal information remittance in a swimming teaching process affecting free style progression. Research was done in academic year 2007/2008 and involved 158 students from AWF in Cracow. The main exploratory method was a natural pedagogic experiment. Experimental factor was a teaching method relied on an enriched visual - verbal information remittance. Acquired research scores reveal that the apply teaching method focused on the auto observation and self-assessment of one's own skills (with the use of parallel display), improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning crawl technique process.


learning; visual - verbal information's; swimming techniques;

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