Correction of bodily condition of students 19-20 years by facilities of swimming in the process of the standard training.

N.V. Gluschenko


The question of perfection of process of physical education in higher educational establishments is considered. The program of the standard training on swimming for youths and girls 19-20 years is developed. 109 students took part in experiment. Three programs were utillized, which characterized duration, frequency of employments, initial level of swimming preparedness and varying of the physical loading depending on the floor of students. The results of scientific researches as evaluated by efficiency of influence of the standard training on swimming on the level of bodily condition of students are resulted. It is well-proven that the standard training on swimming high-quality influences on the increase of level functional the state of organism and physical preparedness of students. It is set that the program is instrumental in the substantial improvement of level of physical capacity, aerobic possibilities, special physical preparedness and cardiorespiratory system of organism of students.


students; physical; functional; state

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