Problems of ovenweight and obesity of schoolboys and students

N.P. Gorobey


The analysis of data of modern scientific literature is conducted on issue of ovenweight of schoolboys and students. It is rotined that considerable part of young people has an ovenweight. Negative influence of ovenweight and obesity on the state of health is exposed. Importance of delivering is well-proven from an ovenweight in the period of studies. It is set that one of foreground jobs is an increase of level of education on questions of prophylaxis of ovenweight and obesity. It is marked that an ovenweight and obesity is predefined violation of requirements of healthy way of life. It is set that main reason of obesity is a chronic increase of level of insulin. By basis to the improvement of metabolism and somatic health, counteraction the accumulation of superfluous fat, there is normalization of hormonal level. It is recommended to be delivered from stimulators, permanent stress and not to get enough sleep. Also - to adhere to the balanced feed, optimum motive activity and healthy way of life.


weight; obesity; method; life

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