A validity of the use of compositions on the basis of succinic acid in higher achievements sports.

L.М. Gunina


A basic mechanism of influence on providing energy of muscular activity of succinic acid are analysed and the necessity of including in the complement of pharmacological facilities on her basis of other bioactive substances is reasonabled. In the 30 members of national team command of Ukraine on track-and-field at the level of cellular membranes at last 21 days a study of mechanisms of ergogenous action of dietary supplement "YantarIn-Sport" it was conducted and she's possesses a membranoprotective effect it was shown. In addition, a positive action of "YantarIn-Sport" on erythro- and leucopoiesis changes of bloods acid-base stat, as well as frequency of origin of sharp respiratory viral infections in sportsmen are well-proven. All of it is pre-conditions for including of facilities on the basis of succinic acid in the charts of the pharmacological providing of higher achievements sport.


sport; succinic; acid; cellular

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