Diagnosis and function physiotherapy damage to the front-medial ligamentous complex knee.

Pawel. Radziyevsky, Agnieszka. Malinowska, Monika. Marciniak, Daniel. Demkiewicz, Mariya. Radziyevska


Careful examination, medical history and evaluation of the functional state of the knee make it relatively easy to differentiate the structures affected by injury or disease. This, in turn, allows the development of optimal rehabilitation plan for each patient. The aim of this study was to provide a diagnostic algorithm to determine the anterior-medial lesions of the ligamentous complex of excluding pathology related structures of the knee. Diagnosis of damage in the knee immediately after injury is simple and gives reliable results. Extended diagnostic evaluation is a complex medical manipulation and requires anesthesia. Personal interview with the patient helps to illustrate the mechanism of injury and to determine the direction of manual palpation in diagnostic tests. On the basis of a correct diagnosis of conduct emergency rehabilitation program helps to quickly restore muscle strength, joint stability, improve muscle coordination and proprioception in the injured joint.


knee; diagnosis; complex; rehabilitation

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