А ground of methodical approaches to determination of descriptions of athletic-health employments.

N. L. Bochkova


Descriptions of the physical loadings determining at planning athletic-health-improvement employments are considered. The questions of intercommunication of intensity and volume of the physical loadings were studied. The factors of efficiency and safety of employments were determined. Morphofunctional description of influence of employments physical exercises on the different systems of organism, physical capacity, aerobic productivity is given. It is shown that the methodical going near planning of employments of health orientation must take into account the features of adaptation to the physical loadings, individual levels maximum possible loadings. Methodology of increase of physical capacity at persons with the factors of risk of development of cardiovascular diseases must foresee determination of character and degree of revealed factors of risk. Method of leadthrough of reading with the complex use of physical exercises aerobic and to aerobic-anaerobic must an orientation take into account individual levels maximum possible loadings.


employments; methodical; approaches; physical

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