Development of valeological knowledge among students while using individual sanitary programmes in extracurricula work

M. S. Goncharenko, A. N. Timchenko


The features of the use of the individual health programs are examined in extracurricula work. Sending of positive influence is rotined to the increase of backlogs of health and forming of consciousness and self-activated for students. In research 162 students took part 18-19 years. The orientation of pedagogical terms which provide development of valeological knowledges of students is certain. The stages which are instrumental in forming of motivation on the healthy method of life and spread of the valeological learnings are rotined, abilities and skills on questions of forming of health. It is set that the level of readiness of personality to application of valeological knowledges is characterized ability of students to convert external requirements into internal motives, reasons of conduct with awakening of their consciousness and responsibility for an own culture.


program; valeology; knowledge; student

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