Basic reasons of creative activity at forming pedagogical creation of future teachers of physical education.

L.V. Zubchenko


Maintenance of motivation of future teachers of physical education to organization and leadthrough of pedagogical activity is considered. The system of creative tasks which must be utillized during preparation of specialists of physical education is selected. The specific of modern development of education is shown in the conditions of market relations and realization of requirements of the Bologne process. It was foreseen that opening of maintenance of motivation of future teachers of physical education would help them to realize creative possibilities, activate independent creative pedagogical activity. The most actual and effective principles of realization of creative activity are set. Principles are based on bringing in to preparation of lectures, reasons, writing of scientific abstracts, advanced studies, drafting of scenarios of sporting holidays, plans-compendia, for the creative leadthrough of lessons of physical education.


motivation; creation; teacher; physical

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