Characteristic of parameters of speed-strength preparednees of highly skilled weightlifters.

I.M. Hymechko, A.V. Mahlovanyy


It is investigated indexes of sportsmen speed-power preparedness of different gravimetric categories. In research took part 7 sportsmen on heavy athletics of collapsible command of Ukraine. A tendency is set to decline of speed-power level to preparedness of sportsmen with the increase of groups of gravimetric categories. Most difference between the groups of gravimetric categories registers in those indexes which the factor of mass of body of sportsmen influences on. It is set that substantial differences have indexes of explosive force of muscles of sportsmen lower extremities of heavy gravimetric categories among the sportsmen of other gravimetric categories. What about indexes of speed-power index, relation of height of jump to growth, heights of jump to mass of body. Directions of the use of model descriptions of indexes of height are rotined and speed-power index, as effective control dynamics of explosive force of muscles of feet.


weightlifters; speed; power; preparedness

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