Assessment and analysis components of physical fitness of students

V.A. Kashuba, S.М. Futornyі, E.V. Andreeva


It is assessed components of a physical fitness of students. It is analyzed the internal and external factors affecting the quality of life for students. The study involved more than 200 students. Found that students represent a category of people with elevated risk factors, which include the nervous and mental tension, constant violations of the food, work and leisure, in their way of life there is a lack of care about their health. It is noted that the existing approaches to promoting physical fitness of students are inefficient and require the development and implementation of brand new contemporary theoretical foundations and practical approaches to the problem of increasing the activity of students. It is proved that sold today in the practice of higher education forms, methods, learning tools do not allow to fully ensure the implementation of approaches to promoting physical fitness of students do not meet the requirements for the preparation of the modern health professional.


health; fitness; physical; education

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