Comprehensive physical rehabilitation after injury brush

M.I. Kovalenko, Y.A. Popadyuha


The influence of physical rehabilitation for patients after recovery efficiency injured hand. The study enrolled 36 patients after a hand injury, which was carried out surgery. Among patients were dominated women 66% and men 34% aged 25 to 50 years. To evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs used protractor Richter, centimeter tape, hand dynamometer, MHQ questionnaire and system of integral evaluation function brush. Survey of patients conducted at the clinical stage of rehabilitation for two weeks and before surgery. The efficiency effects of passive therapeutic exercises, massage and lymph drainage design for a hand operated device ARTROMOT-F. It is noted that physical rehabilitation for two weeks has greatly improved hand functions. Established to improve results core group of control by 21.8%, poor performance of the control group higher by 10.1% of the principal of, indicating the efficacy of the program.


hand; injury; rehabilitation; mechanic therapy

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