Physical rehabilitation as the base component of treatment and rehabilitation women sick with gonarthrosis of the third radiological stages of disease

O.Y. Andriychuk


The rehabilitations of women, patients given in relation to the programs are resulted, on gonarthrosis to the roentgenologic stage. The changes of indexes expressed of the pain feeling are analysed, morning constraint, pain index and amplitude of motions in joints for patients. 132 patients took part in research. As an index of amplitude of motions information of the active unbending was utillized in a knee-joint. Testing was conducted in three months and six months. Probed and determined a pain index at passive and active motions in a knee. The complex program of physical rehabilitation is offered. The program included a medical physical culture, massotherapy, mechanotherapy, physiotherapy, dietotherapy, psychological support and educational programs. Rehabilitation on the author program set positive changes intensity of the pain feelings, morning constraint, pain index and amplitude of motions, in a knee.


gonarthrosis; physical; rehabilitation; pain

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