Methodological and psychological aspects of forming personality of specialist on physical education

R.M. Stasyuk, I.F. Vostotska, I.L. Osipova


It is shown problem relationship training specialist personality, different types of physical culture and sport in educational systems work in higher education. 80 students 19 - 20 years of age who will be teachers of physical education took part in experiment. It is reveled four groups of students on the nature of professional - pedagogical orientation. An important condition for the formation of future teachers is the correct organization is not only educational and training session, but also a clear system of educational work. It is established that the purpose of education as a social phenomenon is to provide personal interaction between the generations, to facilitate the development of the individual subject of the specific historical process that involves a painless entry and adaptation of young generations to live under certain conditions.


educational; process; quality; professional

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