Construction of somatic athletes who train in WTF Taekwondo MUKS "Fifteen" in Bydgoszcz.

Miroslawa. Cieslicka, Marek. Napierala, Barbara. Dix, Blazej Stankiewicz


Introduction. The sports training process consists of two phenomena, on the one hand is the level of motor skills, on the other player's body to adapt to certain types and sizes of exercise, what the result is the formation of body specific to the sport.
Objective. The objective was to measure the somatic features on school students practicing taekwondo and comparison with regional research Kujawsko-Pomorskie conducted by Marek Napierala.
Materials and methods. The research was done on secondary school students (aged 14.5 - 16.5 years) taekwondo training in Student Interschool Sports Club " Fifteen " in Bydgoszcz. We analyzed somatic features (height, weight, and BMI). There have been a correlation analysis between pairs of traits studied to investigate the relationships between the parameters of body and compared with regional research Kujawsko-Pomorskie conducted by Marek Napierala.
Results and conclusions. In the case of boys outside the body of the youngest age category (14.5 years), greater than their peers from the regional research. In the group of girls higher average body height of girls exhibit regional research. Taekwondo trains are characterized by low BMI, which in most places in the range of normal. In all three age categories were characterized by higher body weight in girls with regional research. In this age the boys of regional research are on average 6.08 kg heavier than their peers who train taekwondo.


taekwondo; somatic; youth; area

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