Genetic determinants of the physical status of human beings at different stages of ontogenesis.

V.A. Romanenko, V.A. Horyakov, V.A. Mosenz, V.Y. Sokolova, N.V. Krainyaya, S.D. Ivanova


The changes in the structure of physical states at different stages of ontogenesis and the role of genetic factors in these transformations. It is proved that in the process of aging there are changes in physical conditions. Firstly, towards the dominance of aerobic capacity, and secondly - the speed-strength and coordination training. A survey of 125 women aged 20-25 years found that between the individual extrovert and the parameters of their physical status, there are ambiguous dependence which determine constitutional peculiarities, somatotype and cardio-respiratory system. For a typical introverted women increased body weight and power characteristics, combined with lack of capacity oxygen-transport system.


genetic factors; physical status; ontogeny; oxygen-transport system

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