Ways of improvement of the emotional state of students of higher institute by facilities of physical education

R.M. Stasyuk, I.F. Vostotska, I.L. Osipova


The questions of improvement of the emotional state of students during studies by facilities of physical education, increases of the personal interest, to employments are considered. 280 students of I-IV of courses were polled. According to the survey were found changes in emotional state of students throughout the period of study and level of activity in the classroom with physical training. As for changing emotional state throughout the study period, in 30% of students turned out to be prone to depression during the session, and with each subsequent course they are less worried during exams and tests. Having analyzed the activity of students in physical education classes, were the following: first course - 100% attendance, II and III courses - about 82%, but on fourth year - 65%. Based on this proposed various measures to improve the interest of students towards physical education.


students; emotional; state; physical

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