Indicators of special physical training archers on the stage of special basic training

S.V. Antonov


The features of the special physical training of archers are considered from a bow on the stage of the specialized base training. To research 45 sportsmen (24 youths and a 21 girls) were brought over from the anchorwomen of sporting schools of Ukraine (Lvov, Kharkov). Testing of leading physical qualities is conducted for archery. It is set that the special physical training of sportsmen is characterized prevailing of displays of power qualities. It is not discovered differences for the displays of co-ordinating capabilities (complex display, feelings of the bow) and separate power qualities (force of bow, multiple traction of bow) on gender features. It is set that skilled sportsmen do not show the proper level of contiguous development of co-ordinating and power qualities. Recommended for the training process of skilled sportsmen is an increase of volume of exercises with the directed development of co-ordinating capabilities.


training; qualification; archers; force

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