Actuality of training of future specialists of physical education and sport to forming of administrative competence.

Y.M. Dubrevskiy


Directions of training of trainers, teachers, sport organizers on forming of administrative competence are considered. The administrative aspect of training of teachers is considered, a management concept is analysed. Intercommunication is set between concepts professionalism, pedagogical trade, competence approach, administrative competence. A necessity and ways of forming of administrative competence is rotined for the future specialists of physical education and sport. Progressive tendencies are exposed in development of modern trade education, determinations of structure of professional competence. Expedience of realization of approach which opens up through the system of pedagogical abilities of specialist with a selection a separate competence is marked. It is rotined that a competence contacts with organization of pedagogical management in directions to organizationally-educate, to athletic-health-improvement and to sporting activity of future specialists of physical education and sport.


professional; training; approach; administrative

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