The impact of the individualization of physical education in higher education on the functional state students.

L.N. Barybina


The expediency of application of individualization in the classroom for physical education in higher education is analysed. The study involved 1st year students of high technical school, who were divided into control group (48 girls) and experimental (42 girls) group. The distribution of first-year students on sports specialization in the experimental group with the use of psycho-physiological testing programs and taking into account the factor analysis of data on dominating the development of physical qualities and psycho features students of different sports specialties was conducted. In the experimental group lessons in physical education in every sports section were built according to individual characteristics of students. It was revealed that by the end of the school year on a number of indicators of short-term memory, performance and results of physical fitness of students in the experimental group was significantly improved compared with the control group.


student; individualization; physical education; testing

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