Usage the means of mini-tennis after school to enhance the development of physical qualities of children 9-10 years old

O.V. Khaniukova, V.V. Griukova, O.A. Kireyev


It is shown the influence of mini-tennis means after school time at the level of development of physical qualities of children 9-10 years old. The experiment involved 30 pupils aged 9-10 years. It is established that the means of mini-tennis contribute to the development of the physical qualities level of children 9-10 years. The ITF play and Stay program and methods which is developed by us, a feature exercise facilities, taking into account the sequence of transition from one complex to the next, with a gradual increase in load and technology implementation of the proposed exercises. The validity of growth of indicators of the level of physical qualities of the experimental group of children in the tests of 'run for 30 m' - 22,96, "shuttle run 6x5 m" - 9,6%, "throwing medicine ball (1 kg)" - 8,7%, "the long jump with a place" - 9,8%, "scrolling arms with gymnastics stick" - 11,84% has been determined.


mini-tennis; school; lessons; children

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