Physical activity of young people 16-17 years old and its knowledge in regard to the role of physical preparedness in the prophylaxis of illnesses of civilization

Jakub Grzegorz. Adamczyk, Joanna. Grzesiuk, Dariusz. Boguszewski, Andrzej. Ochal, Magdalena. Grzechnik-Siewierska, Marcin. Siewierski


An evaluation of the state of knowledge about diseases associated with the progress of civilization of young people was a purpose of this study, as well as confrontation them with physical activity undertaken by them. Totally 122 persons participated in examination (77 women and 45 men) in the age of 16-17 years. The examination was conducted with the authorship questionnaire with 22 questions and of IPAQ questionnaire. The examined group at the age of 16-17 years old demonstrated low level of knowledge about civilization diseases, even though according to teaching programs they should be acquainted with these topics. Higher level of knowledge was stated about the role of physical activity in the health prevention. This knowledge didn't determine prohealthy behaviors of respondents. There were no statistically essential influence of the knowledge about civilization diseases on prohealthy behaviors and the activity of examined group. Almost half of examined group is physically inactive apart from school activities. Respondents expressed desire for supplementing the education in this matter. It can be a new direction for the researches which perhaps would let for describing the reasons for such dissonance and in the end let take effective actions aiming the change of this adverse state.


civilization diseases; youth; knowledge; physical activity

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