Changes of integral indexes of skilled shooters from a bow under the influence of experimental program of perfection of technical preparedness

S.V. Antonov, Y.A. Briskin, M.P. Pitin


The aspects of the directed development of co-ordinating capabilities of shooters are considered from a bow. In pedagogical experiment were attracted 45 sportsmen (24 boys, 21 girls). Experiment was lasted by 1 year and included 2 preparatory period of macrocycles. They contained for 20 week's microcycle which were incorporated in four mesocycle. It is set that the substantial increase of effectiveness in control exercises is possible at the correction of orientation of training process on development of co-ordinating capabilities. Trainings facilities of pedagogical direction are selected in relation to development of physical qualities in combination with co-ordinating capabilities. Diminishing of accents of development of the special displays of maximal force is recommended relatively speed-power to endurance. Directions of forming adequate structure of shot technique are set taking into account the specific feelings of competition activity.


integral; indicators; qualified; archers

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