Condition of physical development and physical fitness of young karate on stage forming experiment

V.A. Halimskyy


In this article the status of physical education and physical fitness of children 9-11 years involved in karate. Materials research shows that their morphofunctional state corresponds to their age laws, but their performance does not significantly affect the achievement of athletic performance. Indicators of physical fitness conform to requirements of competitive challenges. In terms of research identified the most informative indicators of overall fitness. On the stage of establishing experiment through a cross-correlation analysis the most informing indexes of physical development and physical preparedness are certain. A closely-coupled cross-correlation interface is set between the indexes of speed-power preparation, that explained by biomechanics similarity of structure of motions. The presence of reliable cross-correlation connections determines selectivity of their development for the capture of highly coordinated by shock motions.


karate; physical development; physical training; correlation

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