System performance patterns of the individual dynamics of competitive action athletes in team sports

Zh.L. Kozina, Wladyslaw. Jagiello, Marina. Jagiello


The purpose was to disclose methodological foundations and experimental validation patterns of the individual dynamics of competitive performance of skilled athletes in team sports. The study involved 12 men's basketball players in the team of Super League of Ukraine "Polytechnic", 3 of which candidate master, 9 masters of sports and 23 women's basketball team player first league "BC-HAI", including 4 master of sports, nine candidates Master of Sport, 8 athletes 1st grade. It is shown that the impact of individual dynamics play a fair representation of quadratic, cubic and sinusoidal functions. In a sinusoidal function oscillation period in basketball is 25-30 days (periods of physical and emotional biorhythm period and ovarian-menstrual cycle), and at basketball - 31-38 days (periods of intellectual and intuitive biorhythms). The data obtained can be used to improve the management of competitive activity and the training process.


game; basketball; dynamic; individualized

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