Modern techniques of explosive power in foothall-footballers

Борис Иванович Безъязычный, Александр Владимирович Серый, Геннадий Анатольевич Лисенчук, Геннадий Анатольевич Горчанюк


The influence of plyometric training techniques in the process of athletes. The experiment involved 28 athletes (age 17-19 years). The duration of the experiment is 12 weeks. It is shown that for the gradual development of motor qualities necessary to implement integrated training. In training must be connected anaerobic and aerobic modes of loading. It is recommended that athletes training exercises include jump systems with vertical and horizontal overcoming obstacles, jumps into the depths. In one lesson, it is recommended to perform a series of 3.4 with a three-minute rest interval.


speed-strength; plyometric; method; explosive; strength; jumping; exercises

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