Efficiency of experimental maintenance of physical education in a capture by a schoolchildren of 4-5 classes by the receptions of playing volleyball and handball.

Николай Владимирович Прозар


Efficiency of the developed maintenance is studied in teaching of schoolchildren receptions of playing volleyball and handball. In experiment took part schoolchildren of 4-5 classes (93 girls and 81 boy). The state of domain the receptions of volleyball and handball is appraised. The proper motive tasks and norms were utilized. They provided for 12-ball scale of evaluation of achievements. Pedagogical terms are certain in the decision of tasks. A necessity is marked at forming of maintenance of lessons of physical culture to take into account the features of change of indexes of bodily condition of schoolchildren. The study of separate receptions of sporting games is recommended with their realization as integral motive activity.


schoolchildren; class; program; physical; education; sporting; games; experiment; maintenance

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