Features of the system control movements of boys 3-5 years old with different orientation of motor asymmetry in the task of manual dexterity

L.V. Balatska


The features of change of indexes manual ableness of boys are studied with a different orientation by motive asymmetry. In research took part boys aged 3-5 years. An orientation manual motive asymmetry is certain. The indexes of development of control the system by motions are also certain on manual ableness without the account of orientation motive asymmetry. The features of development of control the system by motions of boys are exposed. Distinctions are set between the boys of identical age in the display of the probed indexes. It is set that at the evaluation of results of implementation of motive tasks it is necessary to take into account an orientation motive asymmetry of child, half and age. The method of the pedagogical testing is recommended in motive tasks, set the program on physical education for preschool educational establishments.


preschoolers; motor function; manual; motive

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