About forming of personality physical culture of students in the process of physical education (in aspect of presence of knowledges).

S.I. Belykh, S.A. Chernigovskaia


The features of athletic competence of students are considered. Its influence is rotined on forming and opening out of athletic activity. A questionnaire is conducted 650 students. It is set that existent knowledges of students are not sufficient foundation for an origin, opening out and perfection of athletic activity. It is set that in the structure of knowledges prevail taking about harm of the use of alcohol, smoking. It is set that the way of life corresponds the criteria of presence of valuable athletic activity just 7,54% polled students of the first and fourth courses. The insufficient level of knowledges on concrete practical questions in area of physical culture and healthy method of life is marked. The necessity of involving of students is marked for the process of active athletic activity, necessary for a maintainance and strengthening of the health.


competence; physical culture; activity; health

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