Influence of stress factors of firewalking on heart rate frequency and variability of karate sportsmen

B.V. Dykij, L.S. Vovkanych, A.P. Vlasov, B.A. Kindzer


Influence of passing is studied on burning hot coal on the indexes of frequency of heart-throbs and variability of cardiac rhythm of sportsmen. In procedure of passing on coal took part 4 sportsmen (karate) of high qualification aged 20-25 years. All of participants of experiment were healthy and gave the informed consent to participating in research. Found out the increase of frequency of heart-throbs (to 160-180 shots in a minute) and change of separate indexes of spectral and statistical analysis of variability of cardiac rhythm. In particular, during passing of VLF grows on 36%, TP goes down on 97%. The changes of these parameters on the preparatory and finishings stages of procedure and distributing of components of spectrum of variability of cardiac rhythm specify on the leading role of psychoemotional factors and higher departments of central nervous system during passing on coal.


passing; burning hot; coal; frequency of heart-throbs

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