Increase of the special physical training of lifters by respiratory exercises

R.V. Mykhalchuk


Efficiency of the use of respiratory exercises is considered in the process of the special physical training of sportsmen. The analysis of publications, illuminative essence and features of the use of respiratory exercises is resulted. In research took part 30 sportsmen aged from 18 to 22 years. The results of experimental research of efficiency of application of the author program are presented. On the basis of systematic alternation of breathing a nose and mouth in the conditions of rest and moderate physical loadings developed and inculcated in the training process of preparation of sportsmen's the special complex of respiratory exercises which are instrumental in tempering of respiratory tracts and perfect the process of satiation of blood oxygen. It is well-proven that the use of the offered method allows to increase the functional indexes of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of organism, promote efficiency of training of sportsmen on weight sport.


weight sport; breathings; oxygen; interchange of gases

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