Level of dynamic efforts weightlifters make in competitive exercises

V.G. Oleshko


The level of dynamic efforts of weightlifters of high qualification is investigational in the structure of technique of getting up of barbell in a jerk and first reception of shove. Technical actions were investigational 220 strongest weightlifters of the world. In all 169 rising barbells are analysed for men and 116 - for women. It is well-proven that the structure of dynamic efforts changes: one sportsmen put more efforts in the phase of preliminary acceleration, other - in the phase of final acceleration. It is set that descriptions of making effort to the shell change with growth of groups of gravimetric categories. For men in the first three groups of gravimetric categories minimum differences have these indexes. For the sportsmen of gravimetric category 105 and they have over 105 kg substantial differences from other. The same conformity to the law in the dynamic indexes of technique is observed and for women. It is set that the sportsmen of heavy gravimetric categories (for men gravimetric categories 105 and over 105 kg in both exercises, for women - in a gravimetric category over 75 kg in raising of barbell on a breast) put more efforts in the moment of dissociating of barbell from a dais, what in the phase of final acceleration.


dynamic efforts; sporting technique; phase structure of exercise; jerk

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